Zhou Jin is a member of the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan of the Outer Realm's High Ancient Clans.

History Edit

Soon after Wang Lin left the Fallen Land and grievously wounded the Sovereign's avatar at the Fire Sparrow Clan, he tracked the former down with the help of Feng Zhiman. The two stayed on Wang Lin's track as he ran towards the Ancient Order Tomb. On the way, Wang Lin killed all the members of a branch of the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan which incited Zhou Jin's hatred. Wang Lin used that to assault the latter with his Ethereal Flame. He also used that opportunity to kill Feng Zhiman once and exhausted one of her three lives.

Subsequently, the duo accidentally entered the fog surrounding the Ancient Order Tomb which resulted in Feng Zhiman dying once again and being left with her last life. The two got separated after entering the Tomb. At some point, Zhou Jin found two Ancient Leaves and fought Ling Dong for one of them.

Later, he arrived at the fifth area of the Tomb and attempted to ambush Wang Lin only to fall in his trap and have to face off against a now-Third Step ancient slave, Ling Dong.

Although he became Wang Lin's slave, he was not completely refined like Ling Dong as Wang Lin didn't have the time to do so.

Afterwards, Wang Lin returned to the Sealed Realm and used Zhou Jin to do his bidding. He even forced him to fight against the Outer Realm during the war. Unfortunately, Wang Lin was injured by Li Guang's Bow during the end of the battle and had to escape with the Nether Beast which resulted in Zhou Jin escaping Wang Lin's control.

Over a century later, he was fighting along with Ice Boy to destroy the remaining cultivators of the Alliance Star System when Wang Lin appeared and summoned the Great Void Gate.

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