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Cultivation is the practice of absorbing spiritual energy, that is present throughout heaven and earth, through special breathing exercises. The act allows one to shed the limits of the mortal.

The purpose of current time cultivation is to Cultivate Dao. First Step belong to the word ‘Cultivating’ in ‘Cultivating Dao'. Second Step is the bridge between the words ‘Cultivate’ and ‘Dao.’ When completely moving the soul from the word ‘Cultivate’ to the word ‘Dao,’ the key is in Second Step. The Third Step is the true realm of the word ‘Dao'. This Dao isn’t the Dao of the Heaven.

Celestial Clan Cultivation Stages[]

Rank Title Information

First step (修仙 第一步)

The purpose of this step is building foundation for grasping natural law in the Second Step.

1 Qi Condensation
  • Divided into 15 layers.
  • Progress by absorbing spiritual energy
2 Foundation Establishment
  • Divided into Early, Middle, Late.
  • Spiritual energy refines the body so the body would be more suited for cultivation.
3 Core Formation
  • Divided into Early, Middle, Late, Peak.
  • Form Spiritual Energy into a Core inside the Dantian.
4 Nascent Soul
  • Divided into Early, Middle, Late, Peak.
  • Break the Core to produce a Nascent Soul.
5 Soul Formation / Deity Transformation
  • Divided into Early, Mid, Late, Great Cycle.
  • Comprehend the heavens and obtain a Domain. Then form an Origin Soul by fusing that domain with the Nascent Soul.
6 Soul Transformation (婴变)
  • Divided into Early, Mid, Late, Great Cycle.
  • Celestial spiritual energy to completely refine the body and allow the Origin Soul to go from non-corporeal to corporeal. Thus a Celestial Body is given to all cultivators.
7 Wen Ding 问鼎 (Ascendant)
  • Divided into Early, Mid, Late, Great Cycle.
  • Fusing domain and celestial spiritual energy with the origin soul.
Transitional Level
8 Yin Xu 阴虚 (Illusory Yin) Change in the origin soul. A real origin soul can devour origin energy and gain new life from origin energy
9 Yang Shi 阳实 (Corporeal Yang) All the celestial spiritual energy dissipating and being replaced by origin energy.

Second Step (修仙 第二步)

The purpose of this step is Nirvana and with each level increase, the natural law can be seen more clearly therefore at the end of this step the probability of forming one's own Dao Essence to breakthrough to the Third Step is high.

1 Kui Nie 窥涅 (Nirvana Scryer) Divided into Early, Mid, Late, Peak.

Able to start comprehending natural law

2 Jing Nie 净涅 (Nirvana Cleanser) Divided into Early, Mid, Late, Peak.

After comprehension of Law reaches certain extent, the cultivator will be able to breakthrough. In this realm, one will be able to control natural law.

3 Sui Nie 碎涅 (Nirvana Shatterer) Divided into Early, Mid, Late, Peak.

At this stage, one's comprehension of Natural law can form an Essence.

Transitional Level
4 Heaven's Blight


  • There are 5 desolation/tribulation in this level. With each passing of desolation, your power will increase.
  • Normally, you cultivate Essence until Great Completion and after passing the fifth desolation you can try to open the Void Gate to reach the Third Step.
  • This stage can be skipped entirely by forcing the gate open before the punishment arrives

Third Step (修仙 第三步)

Breakthrough to this step using Dao Essence

1 Kong Nie 空涅 (Nirvana Void) The Essence of the Cultivator undergoes a qualitative change by absorbing the energy from the Great Void Gate.
2 Kong Ling 空灵 (Spirit Void)

At this realm, assuming the Cultivator uses Joss Flames, they will fuse with their Joss Flame Realm and can drag others in to fight inside it.

Can be achieved by completing five Essences for non-Joss Flame cultivators

3 Kong Xuan 空玄 (Arcane Void)

Divided into Early, Mid, Late, Great Circle, Arcane Tribulant.

The Cultivator can only break through to this level if they possess at least one Ethereal Essence. For this reason Cave World Cultivators are usually rendered incapable of gaining such an Essence. Can be achieved by completing nine Essences for non-Joss Flame Cultivators. At the peak of Arcane Void nine tribulations shall descend which must be survived in order to reach the Void Tribulant stage. Those still somewhere in this process are said to belong to the Arcane Tribulant Stage. 

4 Kong Jie 空劫 (Void Tribulant)

Early, Mid, Late - Grand Exalt

Peak of Late - Golden Exalt

Peak - Empyrean Exalt, Ascendant Empyrean, Grand Empyrean.

Transitional Level
5 Half Heaven Trampling At this stage the practitioner must cross the Nine Heaven Trampling Bridges to completely enter Fourth Step. However, it is imply that there is another way to breakthrough to Heaven Trampling Realm.
Fourth Step (修仙 第四步)

Mastering the Dao Source

1 Ta Tian 踏天(Heaven Trampling) Achieved upon crossing the 9th Heaven Trampling Bridge.
Fifth Step (修仙 第五步)

Celestial Domain Cultivation Stages[]

The Celestials of the Celestial Domain existing within the Sealed Realm of Wang Lin's Cave World didn’t cultivate domains but instead used their powerful Celestial Qi to open up the heavens. These Celestials had no sentiments and there was nothing to comprehend. All increases in cultivation level relied solely on heavenly treasures, Celestial cultivation, and Celestial pills. The purpose of the Celestial Domain was to help Sealed Realm Cultivators reach the Third Step despite the existence of the Realm Sealing Formation preventing the ignition of Joss Flames. 

The first 5 stage are the same for both current and ancient cultivation stages.

  1. Ning Qi (Qi Condensation)
  2. Foundation Building (Foundation Establishment)
  3. Jie Dan (Core Formation) is normally Gold
  4. Yuan Ying (Nascent Soul)
  5. Hua Shen (Soul Formation)
  6. The Domain from Dao combine with Nascent Soul and by absorbing energy from Heaven and Earth Nascent Soul change into Nascent Divinity.
  7. People at ancient times will experience tribulation at the peak of Soul Formation and if they succeed they will ascend to Immortal Realm.
  8. Shang Xian 上仙 (Exalted Immortal/ Upper Celestial) 1-9 levels
  9. Possibly comparable to Ascendant until Corporeal Yang Stage Cultivator since the process of Soul Transformation only take a short time in ancient time (essentialy Soul Tranformation is shedding Mortal Vessel and change into Immortal Vessel).
  10. Tian Xian 天仙 (Heavenly Immortal/Sky Celestial) 1-9 levels.
  11. Comparable to Nirvana Scryer Cultivator
  12. Xian Wang 仙王 (Immortal King/Celestial King) 1-9 levels
  13. Comparable to Nirvana Cleanser Cultivator
  14. Xian Jun 仙君 (Immortal Lord/Celestial Lord) 1-9 levels
  15. Comparable to Nirvana Shatterer to peak Heavens Blight Cultivator.
  16. Xian Di 仙帝 (Immortal Emperor/Celestial Emperor)
  17. Comparable to Third Step Cultivator
  18. Celestials at this level seem to start using Cultivator terms for their levels, such as Nirvana Void, this is likely due to the fact that the Celestial Domain was created to provide them an alternate route to reach the 3rd Step.

Forsaken Immortal Clan Stages []

Power of the clan members come from black tattoos on their bodies. The more tattoos they have, the stronger they are. Members are split into two types: shamans and warriors.

  1. Leaf (comparable to Qi Condensation)
  2. Leaf (comparable to Foundation Establishment)
  3. Leaf (comparable to Core Formation)
  4. Leaf (comparable to Nascent Soul)
  5. Leaf (comparable to early-stage Soul Formation)
  6. Leaf (comparable to late-stage Soul Formation)
  7. Leaf (comparable to early-stage Soul Transformation)
  8. Leaf (comparable to late-stage Soul Transformation)
  9. Leaf (comparable to early-stage Ascendant)
  10. Leaf (comparable to mid-stage Ascendant)
  11. Leaf (comparable to late-stage Ascendant)
  12. Leaf (comparable to Illusory Yin)
  13. Leaf (comparable to Corporeal Yang)

At a certain point the leaf mark on their foreheads allow them to reach the 2nd Step and beyond without possessing a Cultivator's Domain. This trait is in common with most other Outer Realm Cultivators.

Ancient Clan[]

Power of the Ancient Lineage comes from the number of stars and the purity of their bloodlines. There are 3 lineages, Ancient God, Demon and Devil, each of whom are limited to 9 stars. However, it is possible to practice all 3 methods and become a true Ancient Clansman, with a total of 27 stars. Ancient Order members also endure the Three Destructions and Seven Tribulations, which greatly augment their existing powers and heavily influence their overall strength going forward.

Level Equivalent to  Description
One Star Early First Step Cultivator Newborn Ancient Order member who will spend most of their time maturing inside the core of a chosen planet.
Two Star Medium First Step Cultivator
Three Star Late First Step Cultivator
Four Star Early Second Step Cultivator This is when an ancient Order member becomes mature. To reach this level they must bathe in the aura of an adult whom they will then challenge as a right of passage.
Five Star Medium Second Step Cultivator Weaker Ancients can experience the First Destruction and Bone and Flesh Tribulations as early as this stage.
Six Star Late Second Step Cultivator An Ancient Order member will typically experience the First Destruction and Bone and Flesh Tribulations at this stage.
Seven Star Early Third Step Cultivator This is when an ancient Order member becomes an adult. Strong Ancient Order members will experience the First Destruction and First and Second Tribulations at this stage. 
Eight Star Medium Third Step Cultivator Ancients will typically experience the Second Destruction and Third(Divine) and Fouth(Soul) Tribulations at this stage. They will also gain access to their branch's unique armor. Especially powerful members might even only now endure the First Destruction and first and second tribulations at this stage.
Nine Star Arcane Void
Connecting, Fusing and Refining, 10-27 Star Void Tribulant

After reaching Nine Stars in any of the three branches, the Ancient Order member will go on to Cultivate the other two branches and fuse the three powers together. This includes experiencing the First and Second Destructions and First through Fouth Tribulations all over again, twice more.

The Third Destruction and Seventh Tribulation can then be triggered at will, but the Eighth and Ninth Tribulations however require one to enter any one of the Ancient Order's Ancestral Temples.

Grand Empyrean N/a Ancient Order members can become Grand Empyreans through the same means as Celestials.
Half Heaven Trampling N/a
Heaven Trampling N/a

Demon Crystal Cultivation[]

The cultivation in the East Demon Spirit Sea. Their cultivation comes from a crystal in their dantian. A cultivator can form a crystal in their dantian, grow it, and absorb it to cultivate just like celestial spiritual energy.

  1. 3 ranks equal Foundation Establishment
  2. 30 ranks equal Core Formation
  3. 300 ranks equal Nascent Soul
  4. 3,000 ranks equal Soul Formation
  5. 30,000 ranks equal Soul Transformation
  6. 300,000 ranks equal Ascendant.

Beasts Ranks[]

In the Cloud Sea Star system, this is a ranking system used to identify the strength of Fog Beasts.

  1. Rank
  2. Rank
  3. Rank
  4. Rank
  5. Rank
  6. Rank
  7. Rank comparable to mid Nirvana Cleanser
  8. Rank comparable to Peak Nirvana Cleanser
  9. Rank comparable to early Nirvana Shatterer
  10. Rank
  11. Rank
  12. Rank comparable to Peak Nirvana Shatterer
  13. Rank



The cultivation and comprehention of natural law.

See: Domain and Essence


Spells, Dao Spells, Faith spells

Extreme Yin[]

There are 4 types of extreme yin.

  • Tian Yin (Heavenly Yin)
  • Di Yin (Earth Yin)
  • Xuan Yin (Mysterious Yin)
  • Huang Yin (Death Yin)

In order to form Heavenly Yin you must have Earth Yin, Xuan Yin and Huang Yin all combine and undergo a change to turn it into Heavenly Yin.

Wang Lin has a special technique to detect extreme Yin which is shown as a specific color.

  • Purple = Heaven Yin
  • Blue = Earth Yin
  • Silver = Xuan Yin
  • Red = Huang Yin

Each type has four levels and each is subdivided into ten grades.

  • Ordinary Yin
  • Good Yin
  • Profound Yin
  • Absolute Yin


There are many different routes one can go through in the cultivation process, but most people only know of traditional cultivation practice. The realms was divided into the Spiritual Realm and Soul Realm.

  1. Ji Realm 极境
  2. Shi Realm 始境
  3. ​Dao Realm 道境

It's said that it is impossible to comprehend for all under the Soul Formation stage.

Legends state that as long as spiritual force enters Dao Realm, then one can quickly reach the Soul Formation stage. It is because of this, that the Dao Realm became the ancient practitioner's target of pursuit as well as dream.

Ji Realm[]

The Ji Realm allows the holder to be invincible in their realm of cultivation (for example, an early core formation stage cultivator can kill a peak core formation stage cultivator in a single attack by using the Ji Realm). There is, however, a very big side effect. The Ji Realm imposes a limit on cultivation for the holder (between core formation and at least soul transformation) and prevents the holder to overtake this limit. This Realm is closely related to Tribulations.

Known Users[]

Shi Realm[]

The Shi Realm is a very mysterious state. Once a cultivator enters this state, the speed at which they can comprehend the heavens reaches an unimaginable degree. If this was the only thing it offered, it wouldn’t be a big deal. The thing that makes every cultivator so crazy about it is that once you enter this Realm, there is a chance that you can create your own celestial spell based off your domain!” “Rumor has it that the celestial spells left behind by the Celestial Realm were created by powerful cultivators when they entered this Realm…”

Dao Realm[]

The Dao Realm allow the cultivator to create dao spells. Dao spells were very different from spells. Whether it is normal spells or abilities, they can be clearly explained, be it attack or defense, and their effects can be observed. Dao spells are invisible and impossible to explain.

Known Dao Spells[]


  • At a certain level, all known Cultivation paths converge with the main Heaven Trampling path
  • The Outer Realm Cultivators, such as the Foresaken Immortals, cultivate their Tatoos/Marks instead of Domains. However at the Second Step, they appear to become Nirvana Scryers, Cleansers and Shatterers, same as Celestials.
  • The Celestial Domain is an alternate route which allows one to reach Third Step despite a lack of Joss Flames in the Inner Realm, it as such creates the same Nirvana Voids and beyond as the main Celestial path when it reaches the Third Step.
  • Ancient Clansmen and Celestials can both become Grand Empyreans and beyond due to the fact that this level belongs to the Immemorial God Realm itself, and is thus not specific to any race.
  • When Wang Lin reaches the Fourth Step as Heaven Trampling, the Old Man in Grey tells him that he is the first to do so, making Wang Lin the second. He then notes some others have surpassed this step to reach a Fifth Step, or even a Sixth Step.